Why Does Elon Musk Need NASA to ‘Avenge the Dinosaurs’?


Elon Musk has wished luck to NASA’s planetary defence mission DART in his typical cryptic model. The mission, launched on Wednesday, is about to offer a non-threatening asteroid a small nudge to see whether or not it could change its route. However the SpaceX and Tesla CEO, recognized to seek out enjoyable in most critical conditions, stated he needed the mission to avenge the devastation an asteroid prompted on Earth that led to the extinction of dinosaurs which roamed this planet some 650 million years in the past.

“Avenge the dinosaurs,” Musk tweeted, referring to the extinction occasion which befell tens of millions of years in the past when an asteroid crashed into Earth eliminating the dinosaur species. Musk’s response got here on a tweet by a NASA deal with on the launch of the Double Asteroid Redirection Take a look at (DART) mission.

“Asteroids have been hitting the Earth for billions of years. Now, we start to make it cease. NASA’s planetary protection take a look at mission – the DART mission – has lifted off and is now on a journey to affect an asteroid within the fall of 2022,” NASA Asteroid Watch had tweeted.

Twitter customers reacted to Musk’s tweet with their very own humorous takes. “Sure. I will not tolerate one other dinosaur extinction,” replied one consumer.

The DART mission launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from a base in California. Its mission is to hit an asteroid to check the expertise for defending Earth in opposition to any potential incoming asteroid or comet hazards. The asteroid, a moonlet named Dimorphos, is roughly 530 ft in diameter and at present not a menace to Earth. Nevertheless it belongs to a category of our bodies generally known as Close to-Earth Objects. The mission’s goal is to solely barely change the asteroid’s movement in a means that may be precisely measured utilizing ground-based telescopes.

The spacecraft will hit the moonlet between September 26 and October 1 subsequent yr.


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