Longest Lunar Eclipse of This Century Will Take Place on November 19


Astronomers and amatuer skywatchers will get to see the longest lunar eclipse of this century this month. In two weeks from now, on November 19 (Kartik Purnima), Earth will cross between the Solar and Moon, making a shadow on the Moon’s floor. The near-total lunar eclipse will peak simply after 1:30pm IST, when the Earth will disguise 97 p.c of the total moon from the Solar’s rays, mentioned NASA. Throughout this spectacular celestial occasion, the moon will purchase a reddish hue. Will probably be seen in some components of India.

Lunar eclipses are seen solely in locations the place the Moon is above the horizon. These within the northeastern states of India, together with Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, ought to be capable to see the occasion. Folks in North America can be greatest positioned to witness your entire occasion. All 50 US states and Mexico will be capable to see it. It is going to even be seen in Australia, East Asia, Northern Europe, and the Pacific Ocean area.

NASA mentioned the lunar eclipse will final 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 23 seconds, which might be longer than every other eclipse in 100 years between 2001 and 2100. NASA mentioned that Earth will witness a complete of 228 lunar eclipses within the twenty first century. Largely, there can be two lunar eclipses in a month, however there can be three eclipses.

These unable to see the eclipse of their areas can watch a livestream of the occasion under:

Usually, the Moon’s face is illuminated by daylight reflecting off its floor. However throughout a lunar eclipse, the Moon, Solar, and Earth align in a straight line. The Earth blocks the daylight from reaching the moon and thus, the lunar object seems eaten from Earth. Throughout a complete lunar eclipse, 100% of the Moon is obscured by the Earth’s cone-shaped shadow, referred to as the umbra.

The subsequent eclipse will happen on Might 16, 2022.


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